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Outsourcing and Nearshoring to Thessaloniki in Greece

We are often confronted with the question “why should we outsource to Greece?”

The answer lies in many factors that relate to costs in combination with others that make Greece and especially Thessaloniki attractive.

Costs for hiring highly skilled IT staff is far more competitive than in Germany or Central Europe in general. As a member of the Euro-Zone Greece has a 0% VAT when it comes to business with other EU-Members.

Thessaloniki is the biggest economic and educational center in the Balkans having two highly recognized and appreciated universities that provide Informatics/Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degrees and thus highly skilled graduates fit for the modern IT jobs.

Although situated in the East Mediterranean, Thessaloniki has always been a European City open to innovation and international business. Being historically an extrovert city, its people have an international mindset, mentality and culture. People in Thessaloniki are fluent in English, a big part of the young generation can also speak fluently German.

Having only 1-hour time difference from Central Europe makes it possible for the staff to be available the same times as their central European colleagues. Being only 1h 45m away from Munich with many direct flights per day, Thessaloniki is actually in the heart of Europe.

So, in the end the question that arises is “why not to outsource to Greece?”

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